FOIA Officers


Agency FOIA Officer Email Address General Contact
Administrative Hearings, Office of Marya Torrez 442-9094
Aging, Office on Deborah Royster 724-5622
Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration Bill Hager 442-4423
Army Reserve National Guard Davina Ausbon  
Arts and Humanities, Commission on Moshe Adams 724-5613
Attorney General, Office of the Victor Bonett 727-3400
Auditor, Office of the DC Amy Bellanca 727-3600
Behavioral Health, Department of Deon Merene 299-5000
Cable Television, Office of  Gavin Logan 727-9528
Chief Financial Officer Charles Barbera, Laverne Lee (FOIA Info Officer),              698-9000
Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the Mikelle L. Devillier 727-2277
Chief Technology Officer, Office of the Christina Fleps 442-6100
Child and Family Services Agency Wendy B. Singleton 442-4400
Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Department of Tania Williams 478-9286
Contract Appeals Board Richard Rothschild 727-4109
Contracting and Procurement, Office of  Nancy Hapeman 727-0252
Corrections, Department of Segun Obebe 673-7316
Council of the District of Columbia Melissa  Tucker, David Vzvenyach (GC), 724-8026
Disability Services, DC Department of (see State Office of Disability Admin) Jason Botop 730-1695
Elections, Board of Terri Stroud 727-0004
Employee Appeals, Office of Sheila Barfield 724-7000
Employment Services, Department of Tonya Sapp 535-2600
Environment, Department of Ibrahim Bullo 673-3320
Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department  Andrew Beaton 727-2800
Forensic Sciences, Department of Christine Funk, Esq. 442-5988
General Services, Department of Camille Sabbakhan 442-5955
Health Benefit Exchange Authority Mary Beth Senkewicz 715-7576
Health Care Finance, Department of Irene Hui 442-7200
Health, Department of Phillip Husband 442-5970
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency  Whitney Bowen 442-9700
Housing and Community Development, Department of Vonda Orders 727-4559
Housing Finance Agency, District of Columbia Tracey G. Parker 671-4200
Human Resources, Department of Leah Brown 442-9685
Human Rights, Office of Jewell Little 727-8000
Human Services, Department of Robert Warren 478-9200
Inspector General, Office of  Keith Vancroft, Yolanda Jones, 727-3771
Insurance, Securities and Banking, Department of Claudine Alula, Dena Reed (GC)                                                                       ,  727-9525
Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, Office of Andrew Gerst andrew.gerst@dc.gv 727-6300
Library, DC Public Grace Perry-Gaiter 673-7440
Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board, DC Ridgely Bennett 727-3721
Mayor, Executive Office of the Ingrid Rios  
Metropolitan Police Department Teresa Quon Hyden 727-3721
Motor Vehicles, Department of Merrick Cosey 671-1700
Not-for-Profit Hospital Corporation, United Medical Center  Kai Blissett (GC) 727-3071
Open Government, Office of (Board of Ethics and Government Accountability) Traci L. Hughes 727-6365
Parks and Recreation, Department of Jamarj Johnson 727-3071
People's Counsel, District of Columbia Arick Sears 727-3838
Planning and Economic Development, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Ayesha Abbasi 442-5885
Planning, Office of Edward Giefer 626-5100
Police Complaints, Office of Nykisha Cleveland 673-6833
Public Schools, District of Columbia Donna Whitman Russell 442-5000
Public Service Commission, District of Columbia Richard Beverly 626-5140
Public Employee Relations Board Adessa Barker 727-1822
Public Works, Department of Christine Davis 727-6436
Retirement Board, District of Columbia Erie Sampson 343-3200
Risk Management, Office of Kim Nimmo 719-6560
Sentencing and Criminal Code Sentencing Commission Linden Fry (GC) 730-0524
Small and Local Business Development, Department of Mekdy Alemayehu 727-3900
State Board of Education Kelly Davis 787-2623
State Office of Disability Administration Zafra Stork 730-1700
State Superintendent of Education Office Steven Carter 741-5937
Taxi Cab Commission Neville Waters, III  
Tenant Advocate, Office of Dennis Taylor 741-0888
Transportation, District of Department of Nana Bailey  
Unified Communications, Office of Gregory Evans 574-6611
University of the District of Columbia Stacie Mills 274-6258
Water, DC Katherine Cahill 727-7830
Youth Rehabilitation Services, Deparment of Adam Aljoburi  
Zoning, Office of Tracey Rose 727-0349


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